Janelle Fontaine, Registered Massage Therapist

I am a BC graduate from the registered massage therapy program at Utopia Academy. I am passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle which leads me to work with clients in a compassionate, supportive and empowering way so to help them achieve their health and wellness goals.

My clients’ care is my priority. Care for our environment is also important to me. Even behind the scenes, from online booking to homemade laundry detergent, Movella strives to be gentle on the environment.

janelle fontaine RMT

Feel Good. Move Freely.


Each massage therapy appointment is individually customized. As an experienced therapist, my approach to treatment is to address the body as a whole. I begin with a discussion of your case and treatment goals, followed by an assessment of the body and its function. I then treat the body by creating structural and postural alignment through deep tissue massage, fascial techniques, range of motion, joint mobilization, and client education. My wellness practice ranges from pain reduction, rehabilitation therapy, stress management, preventative and maintenance healing.

45 minute $80 (Target Treatment)
60 minute $95 (Standard Treatment)
75 minute $120 (Extended Treatment)
90 minute $140 (Chronic Injuries)
120 minute $190 (Stress Buster)

All prices include GST

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One word. Amazing! Janelle really knows what she is doing and I was completely comfortable right away. I would highly recommend going to Movella!


Thank You

I woke up the next day and felt like my body was in heaven compared to the previous 60 days feeling like i was moving out of purgatory downward. Thank you my friend for the compassion and the change you made my body and mind feel by the next day. You are truly a magician. I thank you again so much for the treatment. You were obviously taught well at the UTOPIA ACADEMY which i have had treatments their but Ill be back for many many years to come.

- Robert P

Very Intuitive Treatment

Janelle is not only a fantastic massage therapist who focused on the problematic areas I asked her to, but she successfully treated other tight muscles that I didn’t realize were causing the symptomatic pains I told her about. Her professional knowledge combined with excellent therapy skills make a visit to Movella very worthwhile. If you are even considering a massage may be beneficial to you, I encourage you to give Janelle a chance to work her magic.

- S.S.

The Ideal Experience

Being my first therapeutic massage, I did not know what to expect coming in. Janelle did a great job of putting my at ease from the very start eliminated any previous feelings of uneasiness. She is incredibly knowledgeable about her field and takes the effort to make the patient feel cared for. Would definitely return and recommend.

- Vik V

Great Massage

I found Janelle on Yelp when searching for a massage therapist. She was very welcoming and made my first visit very at ease. I had one of the best massages and felt my pain melt away. Janelle is very friendly and I will definitely be returning for future massages. I recommend Janelle to anyone looking for a massage therapist in the Burnaby area

- Teresa Kong


Movella Massage is located within Moksha Yoga at
4701 East Hastings Street (at Beta Ave) Burnaby BC, V5C 2K8

Appointments can be booked and changed online or by calling 604-314-2710. Book online by clicking here!


Sunday* 9 – 2
Monday*, Tuesday & Thursday 3 – 8
Wednesday & Friday 8 – 1
*Sunday and Monday are alternating. See calendar for details.

Payment Options

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Cash or Cheque

Please note that your treatment time is booked for you. 24 hour notice is requested to cancel an appointment
to avoid being charged the full amount for the missed appointment. Please call 604-314-2710 if you wish to rebook
or cancel your appointment.

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